Transnational Online Project Meeting | 29th May 2020

The online transnational meeting took place on 29th May 2020 on Zoom. Its main objectives were to set the schedule for the future MiLLaT action and to present the results of peer observations. There were 18 project participants present. During the meeting, several project activities were discussed and worked on.

  • Presentation on Peer Observation held from April 3rd to 15th May 2020.  Dr Ekaterina Bunina-Breś. Discussion. Recommendations: 
    • to make the instructions in the Peer Observation Form more task-oriented rather than teacher-centered
    • to modify the option choice (Yes, Not rather than N/A) 
    • to limit the final remarks strictly to mediation activities or totally remove them 
  • Presentation on Task Description Form. Dr Roy Siddall. Discussion. Recommendations:
    • to prepare short guidelines for the teachers on completing task description forms
    • to add a list of different strategies to the Task Description Form
    • to pilot the tasks before publishing them
    • to offer/create the links to the Moodle platform of each participant to grant access to the tasks that will be piloted in the winter semester 2020
  • Presentation on The Pilotage of the Tasks. Dr Sylwia Kossakowska Pisarek Discussion. Recommendations:
    • to divide tasks into two types: online synchronous tasks and online asynchronous tasks in case distant learning has to be continued in the future
    • to prepare a booklet of mediation tasks to be internationally piloted
    • to verify if all online materials i.e. Peer Observation and Tasks Description Forms have been collected
    • to provide a short description of each task (language proficiency, its level, university)
    • to give an individual number to each task
  • Dissemination

A/The first issue of the newsletter. The website. Discussion. Dr Elżbieta Grzyb


      • to upload the issue in the national languages with a MiLLaT logo to the partner institutions website, so that it could reach wider audiences outside universities such as high schools and other educational institutions
      • to publish the next issue in late November
      • to send a short bio in order to present each participant of the MiLLaT project

The Leader of the Newsletter Team, the second issue, dr Roy Siddall

B/The project dissemination on social media such as Facebook, EPALE, Linked-in (posts from the meetings, videos) Marzena Zykubek, MA


      •  to add links to some of the tasks observed during Peer Observation to the next newsletter issue with their authors’ agreement  
      • to publish the tasks on Facebook

C/Local dissemination of the MiLLaT project: The Univerzita Karlova Team – the poster on the subject: What Is Mediation in Language Learning and How Does It Manifest?  September 2020, Conference in Brno.

      •  Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas. Promoting the project among the teachers through The Association of Lithuanian Teachers and in the Journal of Sustainable Multilingualism. The conference in May 2021: one day devoted to the project with the accompanying workshops on mediation.