The kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the MiLLaT project was held on 28 November 2019 at the University of Warsaw in Poland. It was organised by the UW School for Foreign Language Teaching. There were seventeen meeting participants: two from the University of Helsinki (Finland), three from Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), two from Charles University (the Czech Republic) and ten from the University of Warsaw (Poland).   

The meeting started with the introductions of the partner Universities and identifying common interests, commitment and contribution to the project. The methodological ground for subsequent discussions was offered in the presentations Mediation in language teaching and learning in accordance with CEFR/CV and A Summary of the MiLLaT project concerning general project information and its implementation. They were delivered by the Warsaw University participants.

During the kick-off meeting, the following topics have been covered: 

  • discussing general financial agreements with an emphasis on various forms of financial transactions related to the project’s activities and agreeing on the schedules and deadlines.That part was held with the participation of the bursary of the University of Warsaw;
  • deciding what documents will be used during the project implementation;
  • appointing members of 6 international teams for conducting the project‘s activities, namely, the Steering Committee, Quality Assurance Officers, Peer-Observation Questionnaire Team, Task-description and Piloting Form Team and Newsletter Team;
  • debating the issues connected with the Peer-Observation Questionnaire in the Area of Mediation (Output 01);
  • deciding on the form, publishing schedule of the Project Newsletters, an important tool for promoting the MiLLaT project;
  • discussing the dissemination strategy, with the focus on networking, multiplier events, national and international conferences, cooperation with professional and international associations (inter alia CASA LC, 4EU+, CercleS) creating the project website, using EPALE, Facebook and Linkedin;
  • establishing the rules and procedures for the Quality Assurance Strategy.

The participants had the opportunity to visit some historical venues of the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw and get to know each other better over dinner in one of the restaurants in the Old Town, renowned for serving superb Polish cuisine.