Transnational Online Project Meeting | 23rd October 2020

The meeting was held on Zoom, there were 9 participants from partner institutions attending. The main goals of the meeting were to choose the tasks and set the deadlines for Task Pilotage and to discuss the types of materials that will be created within the Intellectual Output 2 and 5.

The participants worked together on the following issues:

  1. Task Collection and Pilotage

The task pilotage is the initial preparatory stage of Intellectual Output 2 and Output 5 aiming at creating innovative teaching and learning materials. The tasks collected, piloted and modified will constitute 1/ traditional and synchronous 2/ asynchronous materials. The choice of tasks for MiLLaT Pilotage will be completed by all partner teams by the end of October, made accessible to partner universities and piloted (preferably one task per one participant of the project) by the end of November. At least two tasks should be piloted by each partner university and after the pilotage, the Piloting Forms must be completed. The content and stages of the tasks piloted might be modified and used in different contexts as long as they cover the same mediation strategy and activities. 

  1. The names of the Output 2 and Output 5 will be changed after National Agency approval as at least three types of materials will have to be prepared: traditional and synchronous vs asynchronous materials instead of previously planned traditional vs online materials. Due to coronavirus pandemic, both asynchronous and synchronous learning/teaching has been combined and there has been a great demand for new types of materials.

During the meeting, the decision was made to ensure sustainability and accessibility of all Intellectual Outputs via the partner university websites. Thus, they will be used beyond the project lifespan in the daily work of university centres. 


a/ to double-check the same task is not chosen for the pilotage twice

b/ to complete the dissemination information for the progress report

c/ to report additional work that can be attached to the intellectual output worksheets

d/ to update the names of the teams’ members